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Nella Mente

Nella Mente is the upcoming first ever Dave's solo album. It contains all significant Dave's compositions from 1994 to nowadays, a symbolic portfolio of Dave's musical journey.

Yes, a journey: Nella Mente represents the excitements, the fears of life, the ups and downs on the edge of life's path.

Gentle pianos and thunderous drums, aggressive guitars and deep synths, Nella Mente is a modern adventure where Saxophones are always on the front stage: Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Baritone Sax merge together with nature and environment creating some #newage and #ambient atmospheres.

Every sound finds his place and classic vibes meet #smooth #jazz tunes.

We are trying our best to release Nella Mente in this fall/winter 2016

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About Dave


Since childhood I loved music and saxophones.
Been in lots of Bands and Orchestras out there but finally went for Solo and actually working on NELLA MENTE, my first album.
It will be a Smooth Jazz, New Age and Ambient album where saxophones will have a primary role.
For all kind of questions and inquires please drop me a line here.


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